Gaming creators who are making gaming even more fun with their engaging content!

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Gaming creators who are making gaming even more fun with their engaging content!

Gaming is fun on its own, but some gaming creators make the experience even better with engaging content, funny commentary, and exceptional skills.

In the last few years, we have seen a massive surge in the number of people who were interested in gaming. If anyone deserves enormous credit for it, it's gaming creators and their content. For a long time, gaming was always associated with being for nerds or introverts, but with time, it got the status that it truly deserves. While gaming has always been fun, it becomes even more interesting when we see people talking about it because it makes us feel like a part of a community. Gaming evolved with time and so did the content around it to the point that it wasn't just limited to streams anymore.

Creators are making the best out of their creativity and evolving what they have to share with their audience. While creators like Slayy Pop play weird games for their videos, others are having fun experiments in the game while the audience loves their funny commentary.

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Check out these gaming creators who make gaming even more fun with their content!


Mythpat also known as Mithilesh Patankar, a 25-year-old Maharashtra native known for his Minecraft gameplay, started his channel in 2018. He began his YouTube career by sharing gaming videos featuring popular games like Minecraft, PUBG and GTA 5. He also pranked people on PUBG with comic mimicry of famous stars of India. His excellent gaming skills along with quirky mimicry make his videos super interesting. Even if you aren’t a gamer, his content will still keep you entertained!

Techno Gamerz

Ujjwal Chaurasia, better known as Techno Gamerz, is a New Delhi-based Indian YouTuber. He rose to prominence in the gaming world as a result of his GTA V series, Minecraft and Battle Stars. His infectious enthusiasm and exceptional gaming skills have captivated social media platforms. His gameplay videos, packed with thrilling moments and engaging commentary, keep his millions of subscribers hooked.

Gamer Fleet

GamerFleet aka Anshu Bisht embarked on his online journey in 2017 by creating his first YouTube channel. He has collaborated with creators like Carry Minati, Samay Raina, and Tanmay Bhat, expanding his reach and influence within the industry.

Slayy Pop

Slayy Pop, a duo comprising of Gautami and Abhyudaya, has left an indelible mark on social media platforms. Although not solely focused on gaming, their entertaining videos often feature hilarious gaming content. One does not necessarily have to be a gamer to understand or like their videos. Their content is engaging and relatable as well as it keeps up with the current trends.


Mortal, known as Naman Mathur, has gained recognition for his exceptional PUBG Mobile skills. His live streams and gameplay videos have enthralled audiences, showcasing his expertise and strategic gameplay. Mortal's dedication and relatability have made him a favourite among gaming enthusiasts.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming, led by Aadii Sawant, has achieved popularity with his energetic and skilful gameplay. With a focus on battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, Dynamo captivates viewers with his engaging streams and entertaining commentary. His loyal fanbase eagerly anticipates his gaming escapades.


Scout, also known as Tanmay Singh, has made a name for himself as a PUBG Mobile streamer and professional esports player. With his competitive skills and engaging content, Scout has gained a massive following. His gameplay videos and live streams continue to thrill and inspire aspiring gamers.

The RawKnee Games

The RawKnee Games, led by Rony Dasgupta, is known for its entertaining commentary and diverse gaming content. From live streams to gaming reviews and reaction videos, The RawKnee Games offers a wide range of engaging content for gaming enthusiasts. Rony's vibrant personality shines through, making his channel a delight to watch.

Kronton Gaming

Kronten Gaming, helmed by Chetan Chandgude, is a go-to channel for battle royale enthusiasts. Known for his expert strategies and exciting gameplay, Kronten Gaming provides a blend of entertainment and informative content. With a growing subscriber count, Kronten Gaming keeps gamers hooked with each new upload.

Live Insaan

Live Insaan has gained a significant following with its engaging gaming videos. His humorous and relatable approach to gaming has resonated with viewers, resulting in a dedicated fanbase. Live Insaan's content is packed with entertainment and moments that keep audiences coming back for more.

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