On completing 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Indian gaming YouTuber, Desi Gamer collaborated with Abhi Payla for his debut music video ‘Sapna’

Digital creators have time and again proven to us that dreams do come true. With their constant hard work and dedication, they make it a point to entertain and give the audience what they need while doing something they love themselves. We have seen many make it big in the digital space and most of these success stories have a long struggle that got them to the place they are at. Indian gaming YouTuber Amit Sharma aka Desi Gamer stands tall as the face of these stories. The now loved and popular YouTuber turned his hobby into a full-time career. He is among those digital creators that the audience feels proud to be associated with.

After spending years on the platform, the YouTuber now has over 12 million subscribers. And as part of his celebration, Desi Gamer shocked his audiences as he launched his debut music video titled ‘Sapne’ on his YouTube channel. Appreciating the amazing journey that he had so far, he collaborated with singer, Abhi Payla. The video depicts his journey from a humble background to being a gaming sensation. With the video, he aimed to let his audience know that dreams do turn into reality if you have vigour and passion. The video that was released on April 30 now has over 4.6 million views and continues to be loved by his audience. Desi Gamer took out some time and talked to us about his debut music video and its success.

Here’s what he had to share!

How has life been since you became a full-time YouTuber?

“I started my career on YouTube almost six years back. Initially, it was merely a hobby, but soon it became a passion, and now a full-time career. Previously I thought of YouTube as a part-time mode of work and income but after getting a handsome stable income, I took this up permanently. I think that was the best decision of my life so far. I enjoy creating gaming content and look forward to it each day.”

What was your motivation for getting into YouTube and creating content?

“Social media is a highly democratic world, and YouTube is a great platform to create immersive long-format content. YouTube is a platform where anyone can share their own points of view and entertain people so I choose this for these particular reasons. It provided me with a platform to build a very loyal community that I am proud of.”

As a well-known gamer, how do you think Indian gaming has changed over the last few years?

“Gaming industry has really grown in the last couple of years. The gaming world has become most popular in the internet world now so it’s really impactful. More importantly, parents have started acknowledging gaming as a career now. There is no stigma or judgment around the game anymore. We have really come a long way.”

The song Sapna is your first music video, congrats on that. How did this music video happen? Was it always a plan?

“I have had a dream to produce a song when I get diamond play button and I had promised to my audience to do so after reaching 10 m. I was planning this since forever, and finally, it is a reality.”

How did your collab with Abhi Payla happen?

“I listened to Abhi’s song previously on the internet and I really admired his work. So, I contacted him through Instagram for this video, and things fell into place as I had imagined them to be.”

Which of Abhi’s previous works are you a fan of?

“I was really inspired by his work on NAZARBATTU ‘s YouTube channel as well as his lyrics in technical Guruji’s song. It attracted me a lot.”

What was the main motive behind the song?

“The main motive of this song is to express my YouTube journey and struggle. I want people to understand that dreams (sapne) don’t come true overnight and one has to grind for it to make it a reality.”

What is your favourite music genre?

“POP, Rhythm and blues, and classical are my all-time favorites.”

Do you wish to create and explore more into the world of music?

“Obviously yes, after the success with this song, I planned to enter this industry.”

Is there anything in the pipeline that you would love to share with us?

“Now I will explore different types of games, collab with other creators, and of course work on music videos.”

Listen to the song here:

Congratulations Desi Gamers! Hope you succeed in all your future endeavours.

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