Its 2nd October, while you might remember it as a holiday from work or school or anything that requires you to get out of bed, others know it as Gandhi Jayanti in India and International Day Of Nonviolence globally.

What’s better than a Sunday? A holiday on a Tuesday. But this day is not merely a holiday, it holds a far greater purpose. The man didn’t work almost all his life for us to acquire a public holiday. The independence movement was actively influenced by him.

Along with spear-heading the independence movement, he promoted non-violence, peace, truth, simplicity and more.

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Besides having a cult-following, literature, films, and documentaries are also inspired by him and the life he led. We’ve put together an assemblage of such inspiring features in case you feel like a binge-watch session. Binge read too, for that matter.


Gandhi My Father

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

The Making of The Mahatma

Nine Hours to Rama 

Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Mara 

Hey Ram

BBC Documentary – In Search Of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi – dying for freedom | DW Documentary

Mahatma Gandhi – Documentary

Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth (Book)

India Of My Dreams (Book)

The words of Gandhi (Book)

Some of these movies are highly praised and critically acclaimed and need to be seen for entertainment and information purposes. So, that’s one holiday sorted!

By the way, Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

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