Check out what Gaurav Kapur had to say about his recent YouTube original quiz show, You V YouTube.

Gaurav Kapur has become a household name across the country as a host, actor, and entertainer, guaranteeing a generous dose of entertainment, friendly banter, and laughs along the way. After donning many hats, Gaurav recently released his YouTube original quiz show series ‘You V YouTube’. The quiz show covers a wide range of subjects from Science, General Knowledge, and Math to English, Travel, Food, and Technology, with a novel and fun gameplay that tests the contestant’s practical knowledge and skills beyond simply trivia.

You V YouTube tries its best to engage the audience to become a part of the show too. While the questions to the contestants will be posed by YouTube creators, each of whom is a subject matter expert, the contestants are selected through an online audition. On the show, they must answer ten questions across ten different subjects, each asked by a different YouTube creator, for an opportunity to win over Rs. 10,00,000.

The YouTubers who are a part of the show include Roshni Mukherjee (Science), Gaurav Garg (General Knowledge) Ganesh Pai (Mathematics), Ceema Picardo (English), Arun Krishnamurthy (Environment), Gaurav Chaudhary (Technology), Nidhi Mohan (Health & Wellness) Ranveer Brar (Food), Reena D’Souza (Sports), Sucharita Tyagi (Movies & Music), Rachana Ranade (Finance) and Tanya Khanijow (Travel). We had a chat with the host himself to know more about his experience of the show.

Here are some experts:

Talking about his experience while interacting with the creators, Gaurav said, “It was amazing. The thing is I didn’t know all of them before. So, we did a lot of pre-pre-shoot hangouts. You know that’s something that you wouldn’t do if it was on a set. You may just do a rehearsal one day before or meet everybody and have lunch one day. But what I did is that I requested you know the production company as well as YouTube to set time slots with all the creators and get on a Zoom call with everyone. I felt that it will be great because then I will know their little quirks and their personalities. I have a habit of pulling someone’s leg but you can only do that if you know the person a little bit, right? So yes, it was great working with them.”

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