Do you feel bored at a bar because you’re tired of the same old, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ Or worse, ‘Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven? Coz you look like an angel!’ *Major cringe* Well, my introverted friends who want to scream, ‘Will you please put some brains behind your pick up lines?!’ at everyone –we have got the perfect list for you!

Twitter is useful for a lot of things, including some good (and funny!) pick up lines. Or at least that’s what the ‘nerd’ community would think (that includes me!). It’s time for us to get inspiration from these #GeekPickUpLines!

1. Dayum girl!

2. Now, isn’t that the perfect combination? *wink wink*

3. Do you see the efforts the guy has put in the places of decimals? People don’t even put that many in their relationships these days.

4. Okay. I have no words. I’m busy laughing!

5. You’re off to a good start at least.

6. Um, thanks? I guess?

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7. It’s really just about the facts.

8. Ooh, noice!

9. Aw, that’s the most organized cute thing to say!

10. No one can resist the Khal charm. No one.

11. Sugar, spice and everything nice (not)!

12. This is so sweet!

Guys and girls, we need to UP OUR GAME like right now! Us introverts are just waiting for you to find the perfect #GeekPickUpLine for us, and BAM! You got yourself a treasure!