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Ghar Waapsi

Ghar Waapsi starring Vishal Vashishtha released on Disney+Hotstar on July 22 and has been winning people's hearts ever since!

Ghar Waapsi is a slice-of-life family drama directed by Ruchir Arun and is produced by Dice Media in association with Pocket Aces. Set in Indore, the story of Ghar Waapsi is about the Dwivedis, a family of five. We have a strict yet loving mother, Madhuvanti Dwivedi (Vibha Chibber), a cheerful and happy-go-lucky father, Ratanlal Dwivedi (Atul Srivastava), their eldest son and the main protagonist of the story, Shekhar Dwivedi (Vishal Vashishtha), his impulsive younger brother, Sanju Dwivedi (Saad Bilgrami) and his bubbly younger sister, Suruchi Dwivedi (Anushka Kaushik). The story begins after Shekhar is sacked from his job in Banglore and returns home after two years to meet his family. Initially, Shekhar hides this fact from his family but they eventually do catch up on it and that's when things go haywire. But ever since Shekhar returned to his hometown, it's been a journey of some much-needed self-reflection and finding his true inner calling.

Millions of people work away from home and when they return to their hometown, it reminds them of how they haven't really had a work-life balance in a while. They meet long-lost friends who they couldn't take out time for from their busy schedules, they spend time with their families and reminisce the less complicated days of being surrounded by loved ones. The silly arguments with your younger siblings, playing football with your best friends, or just having a heart-to-heart conversation about life are memories we all keep close to our hearts and cherish forever. The show has portrayed all of this in a beautiful manner and seems to have resonated with a lot of people who watched the show.

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These heartwarming reactions on Twitter will definitely make you want to watch the show asap!

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