Masaba Masaba season 2 starring Neena and Masaba Gupta released on Netflix on July 29 and here’s what the Janta thought about it!

Created by Ashwini Yardi, Masaba Masaba season 2 is directed by Sonam Nair. The show which has sort of been a semi-autobiography of Masaba Gupta‘s life has Masaba playing herself across the two seasons where she battles her personal and professional life both packed with issues that she definitely cannot run away from. Neena Gupta not only comforts and has a love-hate mother-daughter relationship with Masaba but also has problems of her own to deal with this season. For one, facing ageism in the industry. She also revives her hit television show in which she starred opposite Shekhar, played by Ram Kapoor.

The second season has taken it up a notch when it comes to the romantic front. There is a new addition to this season with the character of Fateh played by Armaan Khera, who is a super handsome hunk and exactly the kind of eye-candy one needs. But the catch is that he’s marrying one of Masaba’s clients, Aisha played by Barkha Singh. Then there’s Neil Bhoopalam as Dhairya, who plays Masaba’s investor in her clothing line but also brings some steadiness to her life. Masaba’s best friend, Gia, played by Rytasha Rathore has more screen space and a serious arc this season.

But Masaba’s main contender this time is Qayanaat played by Kareema Barry, who’s stealing everyone’s hearts with her haute couture designs. The extremely funny and everyone’s favorite content creator, Kusha Kapila plays Masaba’s publicist, Nicole. This season also has a lot of fun cameos to look forward to. Sonam Nair has also co-written the screenplay with Nandini Gupta, Punya Arora, and Anisha Raisurana. Even though Masaba Masaba season 2 looks like it’s mostly dealing with first-world problems, it’s also ready to showcase many important conversations that are much needed in today’s time.

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Here’s how the Janta reacted to the series!

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