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Ginny & Georgia

Is it a comedy, a political dramedy, a crime thriller or Gilmore Girls? You'll never really know because Ginny & Georgia feels like it's suffering from a multiple personality disorder in the best way.

What seems like a simple story of a mom and her kids on the surface, Ginny & Georgia soon takes multiple dark turns in every episode, and I'm not complaining! Also, as a 30-year-old myself, watching Georgia, a 30-year-old mom struggle with communicating with her teen daughter feels far too absurd because I can relate to them both. So it's safe to say that this manic drama has so many layers that it's everything but boring.

Cast - Brianne Howey plays Georgia, a 30-year-old mom who has way too many skeletons in her past than one can count. But this makes her resilient to put one foot forward and provide for her family, no matter what she needs to do in the process. Antonia Gentry totally steals the limelight as Ginny, Georgia's 15-year-old teen daughter.

Storyline - Ginny finds herself at a new school yet again, thanks to her mother, Georgia, who keeps looking over her shoulder. What seems to Ginny like Georgia starting fresh each time a romantic relationship goes south only seems to be the cover-up for a much much larger scheme at play. While the mother-daughter struggle to find their footing, Ginny makes friends at her new school and quickly gets wrapped up in her teen drama. Meanwhile, Georgia does what she needs to do, read: embezzlement, blackmail, manipulation, and so much more to keep her family safe.

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What I liked - Georgia's unpredictability drives the plot throughout the first season. There's no way of knowing what will happen next, and that makes this show so darn interesting! Ginny & Georgia approaches parenting, race, privilege, and sexuality in a manner we have rarely seen before. These themes are thought through, and that's visible in the cinematography. Antonia Gentry is ridiculously comfortable as Ginny. Her character struggles to understand herself, and that's hella relatable as a teen!

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