Glamorous gets an A+ on its queer representation and diversity within the workplace

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Glamorous gets an A+ on its queer representation and diversity within the workplace

Created by Jordon Nardino, Glamorous is a gay drama series that swiftly turns into an office drama real quick!

The day has arrived when we don't need to nag about the lack of representation we as a queer community get in movies and shows because, finally a gay man is leading a show and how! Glamorous is about Marco (Miss Benny), a beauty influencer who wants to make it big in the beauty industry and lands a job with THE Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall), aka the owner of Glamorous by Madolyn. As he starts his job as Madolyn's second assistant, his life slowly starts to take a turn because now, suddenly, he has to adult. Marco has always had a knack for makeup, and the only product he used was Glamorous by Madolyn, so to get this job meant everything to him, even more than his social life.

Madolyn's first assistant Venetia (Jade Payton), a passionate and would-do-anything-to-get-promoted kind of girl, is also her dependable employee. The Director of SalesChad, who is also Madolyn's son but not the one she trusts to the fullest, also has his share of work drama. But the show is more than just a gay man finally getting his shit together and an office figuring out how they can make it! The show slowly becomes a story of Marco reclaiming himself and dealing with work-life balance. Dating, finding himself, and chasing his dreams sounds like any other Netflix drama series, which I thought it would be when I started watching Glamorous. The show has compassion, relatable moments, and a few cringe-worthy moments here and there. The love triangle between Marco (Miss Benny), Parker (Graham Parkhurst), and Ben (Michael Hsu Rosen ) gave the story a little more drama than it already had. I was five episodes in, and this is where I started to get the hang of the show. I had mentally prepared myself for a fun and loving gay drama, but it turned into an office drama expeditious.

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Talk about representation in pop culture; this show had it all. Be it the show business or the music; we saw diversity and inclusivity through and through. One thing about putting a GenZ gay man in an office full of millennials is that there will be a lot of GenZ slang and pop culture references. I mean, to start the first episode with a Lady Gaga song speaks for itself. Music throughout the 10 episodes of the show felt relevant to the plot and the characters, for instance, when Madolyn returns to the office after a week and has that dramatic chic entrance with Fabulous by C.U.T playing in the background was one of the most iconic moments in Glamorous. Madolyn only did justice to that song because Fabulous calls for a fabulous entrance.

Its overly done queerness is something that gave me a few moments of cringe. People who are not from the community already have a misconception that we always talk or use terms like "Yass Queen" "Gagged" and "Snatched" which we do but not always! And if we're talking about cringe moments, how did Netflix even allow Chad to say, "I'm gayer than you think". Chad's character becomes a treat to our eyes but never actually had a plot for himself or his love life. On the other hand, Marco, who is naïve about his relationships, constantly returned to his toxic ex (Parker) and lost the true love he deserved.


Overall, this show is going to do wonders with its representation because somewhere right now, there's a little boy who wants to try makeup but is too afraid of what people are going to say. The boy is going to watch Glamorous and be filled with confidence and inspiration. This show might go red at some parts, but it has the powerful message that one should follow their dreams that are worth chasing even if it means you have lost anything and everything that comes your way! And in Marco's words, you're beautiful. Say it back.

All 10 episodes of Glamorous is now streaming on Netflix!

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