Modi faces backlash as #GoBackModi trends in India over the Cauvery Management Board issue between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Narendra Modi government has been receiving praise as well as backlash for the work that they are doing, and Modi is all the country can talk about. People across the globe find a way to express their grief through various platforms. Twitter is one such platform that enables netizens to voice their opinions and the people of Chennai are using it to voice theirs using hashtag #GoBackModi.

On 30th September 2019 Twitter India saw the hashtag #GoBackModi trending. This hashtag was used as a sign of protest by the people of Chennai against the Central government as they failed to set up a Cauvery Management Board against the Supreme court judgement. The court had ordered that Karnataka should set up the Cauvery board and reallocate water among the two southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Centre failed to submit the documents within the deadline as per the order of the Supreme Court which resulted in the failure of the establishment of the board.

People of Chennai, therefore, began to protest against Modi during his visit to the state with the hashtag #GoBackModi and black balloons. Take a look:

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