Take a look at how these hysterical videos of TikToker and Instagrammer Lonnie show the angel Gabriel and God creating things.

Many times we find ourselves wondering how wonderful it is to live and that God really is a creator to come up with beautiful ideas. We’re so fascinated by the living things around us. No matter how amazing things around us feel, there are also times when we find some of these creations weird. Social media is so vast that creators from around the globe end up on our feeds delivering their crazy, creative content. This 25-year-old voice artist and content creator, Lonnie Marts IIV is one such creator who has been able to stir some laugher with his hilarious content. His series on God creating things has left the internet impressed.

The creator shares short videos of him as the God and the angel Gabriel planning and creating things on Earth. The videos are super quirky and silly but will leave you spending hours on his profile. These videos show God coming up with his weird ideas and poor Gabriel cluelessly cooking them. The angel can be seen baffled at God’s suggestion of putting water everywhere and making it undrinkable while creating the ocean, making mushrooms that can be a pizza topping and can also kill people, or even making the humans drink Earth’s sweat while creating humidity. Lonnie’s videos are utterly hysterical and leave us wondering how the things around us are really weird.

Check out his ‘God creating things’ videos here:

These videos definitely made us go Oh My God!

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