This rich white lady in movies video series has left the internet gasping at how accurate and perfect the stereotype is.

We have all seen a ton of movies and series to categorise and realise the most common and basic characters that happen to be a part of every story. These characters are so common that they’re almost annoying. The watchman who knows everything in a horror story, the old man who has great life lessons to share and so on. One stereotypical character that makes it to the list is that of a rich white lady.

The way these rich white ladies are shown in movies or shows is somewhat similar. A TikTok user decided to mimic the same for the internet and netizens are loving it. Nicholas Flannery decided to play the part in real life and compile everything into a series. The series has left the internet gasping on how accurate and perfect the stereotype is. With the Big Little Lies theme song as the background music to his series, Nicholas shows what a rich white lady in movies does when she is going through something.

From enjoying her wine at her beach house to missing out on her kid’s bedtime because she is working hard to going on a yoga retreat to find herself etc. Everything is something we have seen way too often. Nicholas also makes it a point to include all the oversized closets and expensive vehicles in the video giving it more accuracy. We made a list of his videos that you need to watch to uplift your mood.

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