American YouTuber MrBeast buries himself alive in a coffin for 50 hours

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A US YouTuber, popularly known as MrBeast turned Undertaker for 50 hours as he buries himself alive in a coffin. Fans react to his insane viral video.

People on the internet are willing to go to extremes. It has always been the deal when it comes to becoming famous or makes an impact online. Taking a selfie in front of a moving train, putting salt and placing ice over it until it hurts, and whatnot. People do anything and everything on the internet. YouTubers are a big part of creating this popular but not always safe, trend. In search of views, we have seen YouTubers come up with the weirdest and silliest content ideas. It's all about the views. A US YouTuber, MrBeast turned Undertaker in the name of the content and has gone viral since.

The YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is someone who also experiments and tries to survive in extreme situations. His channel is all about it and fans love him for that. Talk about surviving 24 hours on ice, spending 24 hours in a city with no laws, 50 hours in solitary confinement, surviving in the Bermuda Triangle, in a doomsday bunker, underwater, in a prison and he has done it all. He has over 5 crore subscribers. His content is both interesting and exciting to see. And Jimmy's latest experiment has left the internet gasping for air.

Jimmy Donaldson decided to bury himself alive in a coffin for 50 hours. He didn't just bury himself in, he also filmed everything and put it together in a 12-minute long video for his YouTube channel. He went prepared with a pillow to lay on, a blanket and some essential food to keep himself filled. He also had a walkie talkie to connect and talk to his friends outside. Jimmy also explained his condition in the coffin and talked about his back hurting, feeling claustrophobic, bored and also experiencing a bad smell (well, it was 50 hours without any shower). The video has garnered about 6 crore views now. No matter how insane the idea sounds, his fans were very pleased by his act and appreciated the Youtuber and his friends for pulling it off.

Here's how his fans reacted:


Check out the video by MrBeast here:

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