The popular franchise Star Wars ever famous ‘lightsaber’ has been bought into existence by Canadian YouTuber James Hobson and yes, it is functioning enough to be liked by Jedi.

There are moments in our life where we want to create or own something that exists in the fictional world. One such thing is the illustrious ‘lightsaber’ from the American epic space opera media franchise – Star Wars! This fictional ‘prop’ is no longer an imagination, but a reality, thanks to James Hobson – an engineer and YouTuber – who has created the first functioning lightsaber.

A lightsaber is an energy sword, featured throughout the franchise, meant to cauterize wounds in flesh. This ‘cool’ prop has a special place in the hearts of Star War fans. For the fans, Hobson, who is also known as ‘The Hacksmith’, has created a lightsaber that is capable of cutting through steel. This Canadian YouTuber, who has a whopping 10 million-plus subscribers, is known to work on popular science fiction items only to give them life in the real world.

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The ‘lightsaber’, which has a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon, was created using propane gas burning at around 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit to create a retractable plasma beam heat – makes it capable to cut through steel. Apparently, this is not his first attempt in creating the lightsaber. Previously, Hobson had created several prototypes, some of which were pretty dangerous. However, he wanted to make the final one be world’s first retractable, plasma-based type – almost to be at par with the fictional type.

Hobson’s lightsaber is not the first attempt in the real world. Several people, mainly Star War fanatics, had tried their hands at creating the lightsaber before. Nevertheless from getting ‘the look’ of the lightsaber, nothing was nowhere close. It mainly was just a flashlight on a rod-like object, which we are sure the Jedi won’t be excited about.

Hobson and his team have created the exact replica of the lightsaber including on how the changing colours of the beam. As per the YouTube video, this dynamics is by adding sodium chloride which makes the plasma turn blue, for green – boric acid and red by strontium chloride.

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Check out the video here:

This video of Hobson has over 14 million views and counting! All we have to say is, Hobson, May The Force Be With You.

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