The Goodbye trailer is a family's struggle to cope with the concept of death in their own way and the aftermath of planning a funeral the right way!

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Goodbye trailer

The Goodbye trailer, which stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rashmika Mandanna is a family drama set to release in the cinemas on October 7.

The death of a loved one is probably one of the biggest fears all of us have in common. The Goodbye trailer is based on one such unique story of how a family of five, goes through utter chaos when one of their most important family members dies. The trailer starts with Rashmika Mandanna and Amitabh Bachchan who play father and daughter, having an argument over her wanting to leave the house to live an independent life. We always have that one person in our house who plays the middle man, who usually puts out the fire when a heated discussion is going on, and the one who is the pillar of the family, without whom we'd fall apart. For them, it was Neena Gupta, who plays Rashmika’s mother in the film. The trailer then cuts to Rashmika opening the door two days later to wake up to the news of her mother passing away. 

Since then, it's again Rashmika vs. Amitabh Bachchan trying to decide what would be the right way to send her off. Rashmika takes a more practical approach and thinks about what her mother would really want her funeral to look like. Whereas Amitabh Bachchan wants to stick to the rule book of traditions and questions Rashmika where her logic was two days ago when her mother was constantly calling her. Then there are also two of Rashmika’s older brothers who’ve barely stayed connected to the family over the years. There’s one who lies to his father about being busy at work when asked if he can come for the funeral. And second is played by Pavail Gulati who returns from America with his girlfriend, played by Elli Avram, who looks confused among traditions as well.

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The film also stars the hilarious Gulshan Grover who reminds Rashmika how her mother has left behind so many little stories that’ll always remain with her. Dealing with death comes with a lot of heartaches, crying, and having to support one another, and the trailer perfectly shows that. But it also has a lot of humor and wholesome family moments. When someone leaves us we actually sit and think about our memories together. The times we took them for granted, the times we did not thank them enough.

The only thing that looks out of place is Rashmika Mandanna’s South Indian accent which still stays intact even though her parents are Punjabis. One can only hope that there’s a logical explanation given for that in the movie. The trailer ends with Neena Gupta’s spirit coming down and talking to Amitabh Bachchan on her funeral day. She asks him, with a chai in her hand, how he managed to do all of this without her.

Goodbye marks Rashmika Mandanna’s Bollywood debut. The film is produced by Ektaa Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures in association with Good Co and directed by Vikas Bahl. 

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