When Game of Thrones met Bollywood: A meme story

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Game of Thrones Season 8 has amped up the drama with twists you could only expect from Bollywood. When the original is such, how could memes be left behind?

Bollywood can be best described as a blend of drama and music. Incidentally, the description also matched the Game of Thrones! With the last season soon to reach its end, the Twitterverse has taken upon itself to draw parallels and revel in the mysterious connections between the two realms, across time and space.

The ultimate crossover

Dramatic rejection music starts playing

Platonic love story 101

Dangerous play of words

Come, let's fall in love

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Will you be my best friend?

You got 70 minutes to defeat death, okay?

Na juda honge hum, kabhi khushi kabhie gham

True love has some classic markers

Ek jaadu ki jhappi milegi bhai?

Let's get the violins out!

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