Govind and Vishnu Kaushal's Reels as kids represent every millennial's childhood

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Govind and Vishnu Kaushal's Reels

These Govind and Vishnu Kaushal's Reels will take you back to reminiscing your 90s childhood.

Did we miss the memo that said adulthood is basically reminiscing about our childhood memories and wishing we can relive them again? Because as adults, that's the only thing that's keeping us sane. Now, all we do is regret wanting to get old when we were kids. As we whine about getting stuck doing all these adult things, these creators are bringing our childhood back with their Reels. And if you have been following the sibling duo, Govind and Vishnu Kaushal's Reels then you know what we're talking about.

What's more entertaining than watching a creator talk about childhood memories that end up being a common memory - watching them do it with their siblings! As we grow older, we can't help but remember the small moments from our childhood that might not have seemed like a big deal then but they are now. If you have a sibling, you now know that ironically they are the only link to those beautiful memories. We love Govind and Vishnu's Reels mainly because it's about one's childhood that exists way before social media was a thing. Times when we made sure to not miss out on our TV time so we don't miss out on our favorite cartoons, we ran around in the neighborhood with our friends and none of us had phones.

We have seen Govind and Vishnu creating videos together in the past. playing Punjabi artists in their NRI accent, desi uncles going on morning walks or complaining about random Indian things, Indian parents at a PTA meeting, and more. They continue to put out their hilarious content and we know they were having a good time filming it too when they themselves end up laughing at it. But our favorite is their recent Reels of them acting out their younger selves talking about things that we all experienced when we were kids. From kids obsessed with WWE, celebrating Holi, or even the types of kids we met during our school trips or regular classes, these videos are everything a millennial misses about their childhood. So, keep scrolling to enjoy these Govind and Vishnu Kaushal's Reels.

Check them out!

Aren't they part of our childhood? Let us know which is your favorite Reel in the comments below.

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