YouTuber Mythpat bets India’s leading gamer Total Gaming to reveal his face if he loses in the Free Fire match.

It’s getting interesting in the Indian gaming world as two of the leading gamers from the YouTube community go head to head for a match. YouTube gamer Mythpat a.k.a Mithilesh Patankar recently challenged India’s leading gamer Total Gaming a.k.a Ajjubhai over the Free Fire match. The YouTuber took to Twitter to openly challenge his fellow gamer to see who wins the match. But it was not the challenge for a match that has the internet’s attention but the deal that is waiting for the loser.

Total Gaming is one of the creators who isn’t only known for his gaming skills but mostly for his anonymity. He’s among those YouTubers who have never revealed their real identity to the fans. His face has always been a mystery that the fans look for ways to solve. In the recent events, while calling out Total Gaming, Mythpat suggested that he put that mystery to rest and reveal his face to the world as a dare on losing. But the YouTuber also suggested a deal for if he loses. Mythpat vowed to delete his channel should he lose the match.

Talking about the challenge Mythpat said, ”I had just woken up from my sleep, and I got a weird and fun idea of challenging Total Gaming over a Free Fire match because he is extremely good at it. This is the only thing wherein I could challenge him to reveal his face if I win. I just posted it on Twitter as soon as I got this idea, didn’t even think twice. Surprisingly he accepted the challenge. Things got interesting when a few YouTubers asked what would I do if I lose. I tweeted; I would delete my channel… Yes, I was still half asleep maybe. I am now just excited to defeat Total Gaming. I have already started practising the game. Alongside, I am low-key nervous and scared, definitely.”

Total Gaming added, ”I was initially very shocked to see that tweet. I even thought for a moment that someone hacked Mythpat’s Twitter account and made that tweet. I frantically called him, and he was laughing uncontrollably. That is when I realised this was for real. He told me that he got this idea right after he woke up from the sleep and tweeted right away. But, I am surely looking forward to this challenge. I have no plans of revealing my face for few more years, so winning is the only choice I have.”

While Mythpat’s primary focus is on creating engaging gaming content by playing Minecraft and GTA 5, Total Gaming a.k.a Ajjubhai, on the other hand, is a household name in the community with over 31 Million subscribers on YouTube. Being one of the most subscribed gamers in India, Total Gaming hasn’t revealed its identity/face and made it to the #1 spot in YouTuber’s top 10 content creators list in 2021.

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