Grandpa makes an ice-carousel for his grandchildren winning the internet

Chitrangana Jain
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According to the viral clip, Ale remakes a part of the carousel every day as sub-zero temperature freezes part of the structure overnight.

A grandfather from Estonia has won praise online after he created an ice carousel for his grandchildren by cutting out a frozen lake.

Tuulingu based Ants Ale cut a circle around 39 ft in diameter on a frozen lake and attached it with an outboard motor. In a video, which has now gone viral on social media, Ale says that though building a carousel was not difficult, it consumed a lot of time.

“It is my first carousel to build. It is not complicated but it takes time and, yeah, you have to be patient to get it finished and turning but as it is first time and interesting to do so, together with my grandson it took some four, five hours and then the wheel start to turn.”

(Information Source: IndianExpress)

That's how Netizens have been reacting:

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