Here's how people displayed gratitude to the heroes working tirelessly for the safety of India during Janta Curfew

Priyanka Parmar
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Janta Curfew

People salute and thank the heroes who have been working towards improving and maintaining the safety of everyone during the Janta Curfew.

Coronavirus which began in Wuhan, China soon spread to major parts of the world and has reached over 2,66,073 confirmed cases and 11,184 deaths in total. People are asked to follow certain precautions such as self-isolation and basic hygiene practices to ensure their safety. Most offices, stores, transport services etc. barring a few pertinent ones have also been asked to remain shut considering the seriousness and extent of the spread. The quarantine while imposed for people's safety has left everyone anxious and worried about a number of things from their income, job instability, daily ration. Considering the difficult times we're, citizens are looking up to the government to come up with solutions to these problems. It was earlier this week that Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to address the nation and amongst other directions to maintain calm and avoid panic, he also announced a Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020. He also urged people to show their gratitude to those working tirelessly to ensure the safety of every citizen during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Take a look:

People didn't just follow the curfew and stay at home but also showed their gratitude and clapped, rang bells, played drums and what not to thank those working endlessly towards treating those affected by Covid-19 and ensuring those who haven't, don't contract it either.

Here's how people displayed their gratitude:

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But it also had its side-effects. People gathered in large numbers to do what was meant to be done from the safety of their home and defeating the purpose of the Janta Curfew.