The luxury brand LVMH, Louis Vuitton Conglomerate to produce hand sanitizers. The decision comes as a way of helping the people of France to continue protecting themselves from the virus. These bottles will be given free of cost to the health authorities.

Louis Vuitton which is a major fashion brand that is mostly known for its luxury products joins the fight against COVID-19. Since the virus has caused a stir around the world, various authorities have asked people to take basic safety precautions to protect themselves from the virus. Washing hands and using an alcohol-based sanitizer are some of the safety precautions that is been suggested. Among this news, the high-end brand announced the production of Louis Vuitton hand sanitizer. The brand announced that they will make use of its production facilities that make perfumes and fragrances to produce a hydroalcoholic gel. It is said that LV will produce and send delivered these bottles to the health authorities free of cost. Through this initiative, the brand aims to spread awareness of the lack of this product in France and also to help them continue protecting themselves.

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Here’s the statement announcing that Louis Vuitton will produce hand sanitizer using their perfume factories: