Green Crackers Introduced In Delhi To Reduce Air Pollution This Diwali

Smrithi Mohan
Sep 25, 2019 14:13 IST
green crackers

This Diwali, Delhi decided to Go Green by introducing green crackers to reduce air pollution.

Diwali is around the corner and the country cannot wait to start the celebrations. Decorating the house with lights, stressing over the rangoli designs, having relatives visit us over and over and getting invited by friends and looks like shopping for green crackers will be added to your Diwali to-do list this year. This is also the time after which no one asks you how much you weigh, cause you'll be carrying a few pounds from all the sweets you've been having all Diwali.

Diwali is also celebrated with crackers by millions of people in India. No matter how many anti-pollution campaigns are made every year, people still choose to burst crackers. Delhi is one of the Indian states that's most affected by air pollution. In this time of chaos around Diwali, the government of Delhi has introduced Green Crackers to help the people of the city celebrate this festival while reducing the level of air pollution.

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What are Green Crackers?

Firecrackers generally contain gunpowder and other components that are harmful to the environment when they are burst. Green crackers are the safer less harmful version of the traditional firecrackers. They are produced in a way to cause less harm to the environment and to reduce pollution. Green crackers are eco-friendly that either eliminates the harmful chemicals aluminum, barium, potassium nitrate, and carbon or has a reduced amount about the same.

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