Gucci is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion brands worldwide and is highly sought after. However, it has often been clouded with controversies due to some of its objectionable items. Recently a new trouble showed up for Gucci when it started selling turbans at Nordstrom for $790.

Twitter is raging with people calling this out for cultural appropriation. They believe that Gucci does not understand the deep cultural meaning and significance of the turban and selling it as a luxurious commodity is disrespecting the sentiment.

The Sikh Coalition reacted on the same on Twitter by saying that, “The Sikh turban is not just a fashion accessory, but it’s also a sacred religious article of faith. We hope more can be done to recognize this critical context.” Netizens have reacted in a similar fashion.

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Earlier in February 2018, Gucci also faced backlash for using turbans as a fashion accessory in Milan Fashion Week. And before that it had to issue an apology after people were offended by a sweater that was similar to images of ‘blackface’.

It is high time that brands realize that not everything is a marketing tool and that somethings are sacred and should not be tampered with.