Scrabble is one of those few games that has a divided audience. While some say it is a fun pass time, others hold that it gets boring after a while. But no one can deny that we’ve all played it at some point. And as for the latter section, we have some news that might just tilt your opinion!

Collins dictionary recently added 2,862 new words that can now be used in Scrabble. The interesting part is that it also containing some very common hindi words, such as, jugaad, dhaba, gyan, swachh, sindhuism, and pradhan. Amazing, right? Well, it gets better.

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The list includes a lot of words for foodies, like, bao, sriracha, and aquafaba. There’s athleisure, afterburn, and normcore for fashion and fitness freaks too! You can also use the new lifestyle trend words – plogging, babymoon, sharenting, and fleek being some of them. Millennial terms such as, ew, gloomster, yowza, bae, preggo, and bingeable have also made their place. Mansplain, genderqueer, transphobia, and cisgender that come under gender identity terms can also be used now.

Personally, while I think it is amazing all these new words have been added, I’m still not so sure about the millennial lingo being in the mix. Quite simply because, in our generation scrabble was probably one of the few ways left for people to know ‘actual’ words and how to use them. What are your thoughts?