10 hair styling techniques when washing isn't an option

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10 hair styling techniques when washing isn't an option

Disguise your unwashed and greasy hair with these useful hair styling techniques.

We can't deny that we wanna take an extra day between shampooing especially when the weather is chilly. But hair styling isn't the easiest job when your hair is slightly dirty, greasy and rough and we often believe that there isn't much we can do with dull looking hair. Many people skip regular shampooing because they might be trying to preserve their hair colour, they don't have enough time or are just plain lazy and we feel you for each of these reasons. While we might not be fond of extremely greasy hair, luckily a lot of trending hairstyles like slick buns, cool braids or Y2K spikes work best with hair like that.

Bad hair days don't ask which season it is and when you're having one of those, trying out something new and cool might help you feel better! We saw some influencers suggest crazy hair styling techniques. Check them out to make the best out of dull looking hair through different styles, techniques and hacks. From rocking ponytails to using hair accessories, these creators will help you fight it all.

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Check them out!

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