Weekends are your most favourite part of the week, aren’t they? What makes them so great are the various unwinding options it gives you along with the time to do so. Going out for drinks and taking on the dancefloor being one of the most well-known and favoured choices. While you may think it is all fun and games, you usually wake up the next day with a hangover and a side of regret.

A night out in town coupled with a few drinks or in this case, many, maybe the prefered option to get away from the past week’s stress and problems. While it can prove to be extremely exciting and fun, the hangover that follows is like its evil twin punishing you for having a great time. The unwelcomed symptoms of a hangover include a blasting headache, dehydration, the sensation to throw up, dizziness, the instant hate you have for anything bright or loud and the need to get adulting. What makes it worse is if it’s on a Monday morning! We bet you’re thinking some hangover cures would help right about now, no?

Well, if you’re having one of those days today, then, here are a few hangover cures you must try out right away!

Check out these hangover cures and you can thank us later!

 1. Drink Water

First and foremost, get rid of the parched feeling courtesy of dehydration and give yourself a tall glass of H2O. Make sure you consume a good amount of water throughout the day. Here’s a tip: Set an hourly reminder so you don’t skip it!

2. Get your favourite greasy breakfast

Drinking can cause low blood sugar and the simple solution is to eat. A long-standing remedy that people with the worse case of hangovers swear by is loading on some greasy and filling breakfast.

3. Chomp on some anti-oxidants 

It is a well-known fact that anti-oxidants help with headaches, fatigue and reduce the effects of large amounts of alcohol. So, get a handful of these natural antioxidants for your snack breaks! According to medicalnewstoday, here are a few options you can explore: berries, grapes, pomegranate, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, green and black teas.

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4. Get a caffeine fix

Well, here it is, the most favourite hangover fix – coffee! While research doesn’t entirely prove that coffee may actually cure your hangover, you can certainly use some to not look like you’re sleep-walking into work.

5. Ginger Candy, anyone?

Okay so it’s not technically your sweet candy but it’s a Can-do(get it?)for your sitch! Get over to your pantry or your refrigerator and find some crystallized ginger to reduce nausea and vomitting. Stock up on these if you plan on having a hangover any time soon!

What are you still doing here? Get on with your hangover recovery, already!