To Kim Seokjin, the one who taught me I’m the one I should love in this world!

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Kim Seojin

Today is all about celebrating our worldwide handsome Kim Seokjin, a singer with a soulful voice and BTS’ biggest cheerleader!

Dear Jin, 

If someone looked at BTS for the first time ever, they’d never be able to guess you’re the eldest one in the group. Not just because you literally don’t age but also because of your child-like personality. Your random shenanigans, your savage replies, and your dad jokes that always crack me up are all the reasons why I love you so much. But you also know the fine line between having fun with your donsengs and taking charge when it is needed. I have melted each time you said “Hyung will do it”. It's such a sweet way of saying you’ve always got their back. Even when it came to going to the military, you enlisted yourself first, and not only did that set such a good precedent for the rest of the members to look up to but also for the rest of the world. 

Your vocals in Epiphany bring tears to my eyes every time. While the whole world told me that loving myself too much would come off as self-centered, you on the other hand, unabashedly told me to choose myself. Your duality is insane when it comes to the songs that you make. You’re the same person who wrote Jamais Vu, Yours and then there’s something as unserious yet really addictive as Super Tuna. But my favorite song of yours and I’m sure the entire fandom would agree with this, is The Astronaut. The fact that this song was meant to be your way of saying goodbye to us shows how much you care about your fans and makes me feel I’m stanning someone who stans me right back. 

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The job of an astronaut is to complete his mission and come back home and of course, this song hits differently now that you’ll be leaving for the military in 10 days. It feels like a piece of my heart is going, I’ll miss seeing you doing goofy things every now and then but I also know you’ll win hearts no matter where you are. Even if it's a place as tough as the military! I’ll listen to The Astronaut every time I miss you and think of it as a warm hug from you.

I hope that you spend this birthday surrounded by everyone who’s important to you and I absolutely love that you’re living your best life doing whatever you want before you leave. 2 years feels like a long time but I know our relationship is strong enough to survive this and reunite soon!

항상 안전하고 건강 잘 챙기세요. (Always be safe and take care of your health).

Happiest Birthday, my Astronaut!

Lots of love,

Army Forever. Bangtan Forever.

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