Today is World Population Day and ironically there are billions of people who could come across this article. The world is gradually growing into a big global community where people are finally putting their differences aside and coming together. And we could not have been happier!

That said, no one can overlook the troubles posed due to the ever increasing population, especially in India. The key fact that everyone seems to be forgetting is that the resources of the Earth are limited! More the people, lesser the standard of living. Remember in school when the teacher used to say, “I’d rather teach 10 attentive students than a bunch of 50 and waste my time.” Well, the same applies here too. A planned and smaller family will be able to live much better than a big one with lesser resources.

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#WorldPopulationDay is trending on Twitter as well, and we thought of showing you the best of tweets! Insights, memes and everything in between!

1. That’s a pertinent question.

2. Um, that was funnily accurate.

3. Take control ladies!

4. “That’s math I can’t even do!” –Phoebe Buffay

5. Leave the vinegar to the pickle.

6. Flipkart got it right!

7. Is that a train between people or am I imagining things?

8. True that.

9. Only if the issue had more glitter.

10. Ironic.

We hope people, especially politicians take up this issue seriously and implement suitable policies. After all, the aim is to live comfortably without squishing each other!