10 moments from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince that are hilariously relatable!

Mansi Mirani
Jul 17, 2019 13:29 IST
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Half Blood Prince

The sixth installment of the Harry Potter series came out 10 years ago today, and believe me when I say I am going to use every opportunity that presents itself to write about this magnificent series! The Potterheads can never get enough of the wizarding world anyway, and here is some more of it for you to devour!

The Half Blood Prince will always tug at our hearts because of Dumbledore’s death (yeah, we never got over that, did we?) but let’s focus on the more brighter side of it today as it completes a decade. There are so many moments where we laughed, cried, and went aww during the entire movie, but some were just too damn relatable, weren’t they? Here are some that will make you go, ‘YES! EXACTLY!’

Check them out:

1. Every sibling relationship ever:

Ron: How much is this?

Fred and George: Five Galleons.

Ron: How much for me?

Fred and George: Five Galleons.

Ron: I'm your brother!

Fred and George: Ten Galleons!

2. When the guard at college won’t let you in unless you show your id: Professor Flitwick: Oh, about time. I've been looking all over for you two! Names?

Harry Potter: Professor Flitwick, you've known me for five years.

Professor Flitwick: No exceptions, Mr. Potter!

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3. When you tell your relatives you can cook but the closest you’ve gotten to cooking is making maggi: Harry Potter: Um, well, have you fixed noses before?

Luna Lovegood: No, but I've done several toes. How different are they, really?

4. When the teacher catches you and your friends breaking rules again: Professor McGonagall: Why is it, whenever something happens, it is always you three?

Ron: Believe me, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years.

5. When the vodka finally hits you and your confidence shoots to the sky: Hermionie Granger: She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the Chosen One.

Harry Potter: But I am the Chosen One.

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6. Every time you see someone cute on your friends’ profile: Ron: I'm in love with her!

Harry: All right, fine, you're in love with her. Have you ever actually met her?

Ron: No. Could you introduce me?

7. When your friend says that her ex has changed and is going back to him for the 20th time: Hermione Granger: Excuse me, I have to go and vomit.

8. When your boss says he wants you to stay an hour extra that day: Professor Slughorn: All right, I'll do it! But I want Professor Merrythought's office, not that water closet I had before. And I expect a raise, these are mad times we live in. MAD!

9. Them: What are your future plans in life? Me: Harry Potter: Actually, sir, after all these years, I just sorta go with it.

10. When you ask your nerd friend why they’re late: Hermione: I went to-

Ron and Harry: The library!

Laughing because you’ve been in all these situations? Honestly, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s been 10 YEARS since The Half Blood Prince came out!

What are your favorite Harry Potter moments?

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