Have a look at this desi Harry Potter parody account that has us in splits with its weird Hindi translations and character names.

We all have been through the ‘Where is my owl? I am finally eleven’ phase. But unfortunately, we grew up and realised that Harry Potter’s world is all fiction and that we muggles have nothing to do with it IRL. But despite that, there is a part of us that still wish it was true, and that we could run into the wall at platform number 9¾. Harry Potter has had a huge impact on our lives. It is something that made our childhood interesting and worth living for. And even as we were stuck in our house during this prolonged lockdown, it has come as a saviour. Don’t tell me you did not binge-watch the entire series!

Even as we got through the lockdown re-watching these movies, one parody account on Instagram added extra fun to our lives. This Harry Potter parody account is funny because of the Hindi translation and Desi character names. The Instagram account @aapkokoinahibachasakta is gracing us with its creative parody and we cannot handle it.

Their version of the famous series features fictional desi names too like Harry Potter i called Taimur, Severus Snape is named Arijit, Hermione Granger as Didi, Remus Lupin as Lokprakash chacha and Albus Dumbledore as Devdutt, and it’s something we didn’t even know we needed.

Check out their funny Desi interpretations:


Harry Potter parody account Harry Potter parody account

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