Harshit Manocha aka Molabocha hosted art journaling fundraisers to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

Art is therapeutic, it helps you slow down today, and attaching a purpose to it just makes it that much more fulfilling. While we’ve all taken to art as children, most of us don’t remember the last time we held a paintbrush or a crayon. There’s so much self-criticism when it comes to drawing, painting, and art because we’re constantly judging what we create. And artists like Harshit Manocha are here to change that by helping you create a safe space for yourself so you can express yourself freely via art.

Artist, facilitator and mental health advocate, Harshit Manocha aka Molabocha recently hosted a bunch of art journaling fundraisers with Curious Llama to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. 100% of these raised funds were redirected to trusted NGOs like Hemkunt Foundation among others. What took place in these fundraisers though? Art, music & mindfulness with a different artist performing in each fundraiser. In short, they were all about colors, emotions, vulnerability, and connection.

Molabocha also hosts art journaling courses that are useful, comforting, and created with a lot of awareness. Saying the right thing at all times on a video call with 20 unknown faces is so hard but he makes it look effortless. With more than 350 participants over the last year and a half, his journaling courses often leave you with 20 new friends, Harshit included.

Talking about your feelings with strangers is surprisingly easier than talking to close friends sometimes because it leaves you feeling heard. I learned that when I participated in his 10-day art journaling course that brought me a little closer to myself than before.

Want to join his next batch? You can book a spot for yourself here.

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