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Social media is almost like our sounding board today, especially for the youth. They’re totally nailing it on social media platforms with their relatable content, opinions and much more. We at Social Ketchup spoke to budding young creators who are ruling the Internet with their wit.

One might say that Gen Z lives on Social Media. Every little detail of their lives, regardless of how good or bad it is, gets shared on online. In today’s digital age the younger generation is so hooked on staying active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube et al, that they have made it more than a medium of expression. But the question is has this habit of being trendy and social media savvy helped the generation to carve a place for themselves? Has it made it easy for them to voice their opinion, share relatable content and make themselves heard in the way they want, or the easy access to sharing the voice is making an opinionated generation who has to say anything and everything. Do you think, it is giving wings to hidden concerns that might uncover later?

To understand what the young content creators think about their contribution to building the future in the digital age. They talked about what it’s like to be vocal on social media platforms where the whole world has access to your thoughts. Voicing opinions can be a little bit difficult but these creators are nailing it and how!

Here’s what they had to say:

Aryaki Joon, Gen-Z digital content creator

“I think social media has given us an opportunity to form communities and build a safe and accepting environment while so many of us are busy figuring ourselves out. It feels good to know that at the end of the day, you’re not alone in your struggles related to mental health or your identity or maybe even sustainability, I think we’ve learned a lot and had major personality development while becoming comfortable in our skin because of social media.”

Shivam Arora, Gen-Z digital content creator

“I strongly believe in the fact that the internet is unbiased when it comes to giving somebody the limelight. The power lies in the hands of the audience. And they don’t discriminate! Everyone’s opinion matters equally. This is the reason why the voice of today’s youth’s has become so strong on these platforms. The virtual nature of platforms allows us the flexibility to choose which opinions we choose to share and what we decide to keep. Moreover, with multiple tools and formats like reels, stories, and posts, the ease of expression has only gone up. It, of course, comes with a downside when opinions are uninformed. But, overall it surely has empowered each one of us.”

Yuvraj Dua, Gen-Z digital content creator

“I believe one of the most important things that social media paves the way for the youth is by representation, mostly with respect to the marginalized and underrepresented groups of our population. Mainstream media has always focused on the more sensational aspects and so the voices of these groups would go unheard. Now with many such social platforms, they themselves can take up space, even the more privileged ones who could easily turn a blind eye to their issues are now able to understand the plight of these groups, and are even checking their own privilege.”

Shivangi Tiwari, Gen-Z digital content creator

“Honestly, if it weren’t for this digital age, I think people wouldn’t know half of the things they’re aware of right now. I think awareness comes from social media as well because people discover new things and they help in amplifying them. I am pretty vocal about things because I have an opinion and I don’t know where to voice them and for me, social media was that one medium that allowed me to do so. Everything is available with just one click nowadays and people cannot live without their phones and laptops. Every little thing people want information about is available in the form of articles, infographics and people can look at things from different perspectives. Although social media has its pros and cons, we should focus more on the pros. You have to consciously keep on learning and understanding what’s going on with the world because these days you can’t just let it go, you have to know about things more than anything else or you won’t know what’s offensive and what’s right. So, everybody talking is helping me become aware whether it’s people talking about their experiences or anything else they want to talk about. I understand their problems and empathize with them so social media helps me look at things from ten different perspectives and angles.”

Yashvi Bagga, Gen-Z digital content creator

“Social media has expanded its horizon to not just giving people exposure on their OOTDs and cyber connect but has also become a way of breaking taboos and educating society. People who once watched creators sing, dance, and rant took excessive motivation and became one themselves. Who once wanted to bring out change can now freely tweet about problematic comments and disturbing pictures. People who once used words like chakkas, have not just understood the aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community but also accepted them with grace and helped spread more awareness. Those who once shut their eyes off looking at couples became fond of poetry, quotes, and love. Social media helped us all emerge as unique voices from the comforts of our home, and become more responsible citizens.”

Taneesha Mirwani, Gen-Z digital content creator

“The youth has taken it upon themselves to use any means necessary to be more expressive and resourceful in terms of educating themselves and making sure that our social environment is a safe one. Social media being one of those has made it one of the largest mediums to communicate and learn and I believe that our generation has stepped up and taken advantage of that.”

Tarini Shah, Gen-Z digital content creator

“People have found social media to be a place to voice their opinions about anything and everything. It gives them a platform to be heard. One can anonymously express their opinions on these platforms. While this may have positive or negative consequences, it has definitely led us to be more vocal.”

Dev M Raiyani, Gen-Z digital content creator

“With technology at our fingertips, we’ve been able to connect to faraway cultures, social issues, and news, now more than ever. As a result, we tend to be more open-minded and actively engage in advocating for the fair treatment of others. We as Gen-Z’s believe in our individual power to drive change. Social media has now become the new friend everyone needs in their lives. With all the challenges that social media may throw at us, we only come back stronger.”

Aastha Shah, digital content creator

“Speaking for today’s generation, social media has been a pathway to talk about many things from the past right from failure to success. I think it can be used as a huge platform to motivate and bring about positivity around society. We’re often looked down upon by many as ‘young and irrational’, but we choose our words and actions wisely because we are the ones that will bring about a change in the future.”

Rajesh Kumar aka FactTechz, YouTuber and digital content creator

“In the current age, anyone can literally communicate anything they want through social media. 41% of India is the youth, and the massive usage of internet in India says it all. So, I think youth plays a really important role in the current internet age, and it gives immense power to the youth.”

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