Take a look at these health-care tips to help you get through this phase

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As we are going through a crisis, it is very important that we take care of our health. Make sure you keep these health-care tips and stay safe during this phase.

Health and health-care have become a major topic of concern today considering the crisis that the world is facing. There is a lot of distress and trouble among the people as the number of Coronavirus cases seem to be increasing in many parts of the world. The health department around the world is working towards making it easy for the people and are taking great efforts in curing the infected and stopping any further spread of the same. Today on World Health Day, we have made a list of health-care tips that we should all keep in mind and consider especially during this time.

Have a look and stay safe with these health-care tips:

Wash your hands thoroughly

Avoid touching your face

Keep yourself sanitized


Improve your diet. Eat healthily and drink a lot of water


Get enough sleep

Indulge in exercise


Stay stress-free. Try meditation.


Communicate with your family and friends with the use of technology. Maintain distance


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Here is what Twitter had to say on World Health Day:

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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