Get over your summer cravings with these healthy mango recipes and enjoy the best thing this season has to offer. Try these at home and quench your aam-thirst this summer in a healthy way.

Summers are tiresome, full of lethargy, and sweat. Still, we wait all year long for summers and it’s only because our favourite fruit comes during summers. Yes, the mango season is back again and so is our love for mango. Mangoes have a tendency to attract you irresistibly and there’s never a “NO” to this fruit. It’s true that one can never get enough of mangoes. If someone dislikes mangoes, we do not want that negativity in our lives. Okay, so an important question here is, what should you do when life gives you mangoes? Turn them into healthy recipes and enjoy it all summer long!

Here are a few quick and healthy recipes that you can try at home:

Mango Salsa
It takes hardly 10 minutes to make this. Enjoy your summer salsa with some chips.

Mango Salad
Sure, you’re tired of vegetables. Try the salad with your favourite fruit, you will not regret this.

Mango Chia Pudding
There’s no end to any meal without something sweet. So better be it with the best fruit.

Mango Lassi
Beat the heat with a twist in your regular lassi

Mango Energy bites
Yet another sweet treat but this is healthier than you think it is.


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Mango Toast
Let’s raise a toast to mango for being there every summer and making us happy ever since.

Raw Mango Rice
Yes, even with rice! This is a treat for people with sour tongue especially.

Mango Laungi
This is so different from your usual mango recipes. It’s safe to say mango can be eaten in any way.

Mango Oatmeal
Healthy breakfast plans, sorted!

Mango Sorbet
Craving ice cream? Make a 10 times healthier sorbet at home instead.

Thank you, God, for sending mangoes and making summers beautiful. Dil Mango more, always!