Hell is now a place with tons of #Pride as YouTuber buys and makes it ‘Gay Hell’!

Mansi Mirani
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Gay Hell

Another good news that has come our way this #Pride month 2019, is that Elijah Daniel–a musician and YouTuber –has bought the small town of Hell, Michigan and changes its name to ‘Gay Hell’.

It just so happened that John Colone, the unofficial mayor of this small 5-acre town had wanted to sell it since 2016, and Elijah Daniel temporarily bought it on Monday. Elijah has apparently done it as a way to backlash against Donald Trump who banned all U.S Embassies from flying rainbow flags during the #Pride month. As a response, the 25 years old musician has changed its name to ‘Gay Hell’and only rainbow flags are allowed!

It is a temporary purchase for now, but he might make it permanent. Elijah also hopes to conduct an annual festival and invite the LGBTQ+ community from all over to be a part of it. It also has a wedding chapel for homosexuals to get married!

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And if you think this little land of 5 acres won't even make a difference; that it wouldn't even come to the President's notice -think again.

Twitterati was extremely pleased by this and showed their excitement and love to this!

Isn’t this exciting? We hope this becomes permanent –that would be a good response to the American government and anyone in the world who is against heterosexuals. What are your thoughts?

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