Did you know of the Indian version of Friends? Watch these clips from the 1999 remake ‘Hello Friends’ and let us know if you’re eyes are hurting too!

The internet is taken by a storm because someone was getting too bored in the lockdown and accidentally discovered that Zee TV channel premiered Hello Friends – a Hindi language sitcom on 6 September 1999 and life has never been the same ever since! It’s a cringe remake of the famous and evergreen American sitcom- Friends.

Everyone, including us, is surprised by this revelation and we were intrigued to decode which actor played the role of the original famous 6. The show stars Simone Singh as Sanjana (Monica),  Aparna as Nisha (Rachel), Maria Goretti as Penny (Phoebe), Cyrus Broacha as Cyrus (Chandler), Nikhil Chinapa as Vikram (Ross), Anil Dimbri as Rahul (Joey), Kunal Vijaykar as Uncle Sam (Gunther), Mandira Bedi as Julie.

Similar to FriendsHello Friends is a sitcom about a group of six lovable, humorous, fun-loving friends. Their favourite hang out place is a cosy restaurant called Uncle Sam’s cafe which is Central Perk in the original one. The desi version, Hello Friends is not a loose adaptation but a full-fledged scene-to-scene remake of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

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“Ross Chinapa” 😂 Not to be confused with the delectable Goan dish Ross Omelette, which I love. The only reason I didn’t officially change my name to Ross Chinapa was I figured I’d never get a girl to marry me with a name like that! 🤷‍♂️ Also, 21 years? It took 21 years for the internet to dig this up? What were you busy with? 😂🎉 In retrospect, I wouldn’t change this for the world. It was stupid, it was fun and in my opinion, it was so bad, it was brilliant (in a mildly psychotic way). 🤪 I also loved working with the cast. Most people don’t know this but us VJs barely hung out together – we were constantly travelling to various cities. This was a fantastic opportunity to hang out, eat samosas and ruin our beautiful Hindi language (thanks Cyrus!) 😄

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