In times of Omicron, we have yet another fleeting trend in the form of 'hello wordl'

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hello wordl

After virtual Ludo and Dalgona coffee, we now have 'hello wordl' to keep us occupied at home.

COVID-19 has brought back its wrath and how, come January 2022! The Omicron variant is causing panic across the country as it continues to spread at the speed of The Flash. On Wednesday, India added 1,94,720 new coronavirus infections taking the total tally of COVID-19 cases to 3,60,70,510. Out of these, 4,868 cases are of the Omicron variant, as per the data updated by the Union Health Ministry. With strict restrictions already in place in multiple urban areas, many are anticipating and also dreading a lockdown. While a lot are worried about their livelihood and other serious matters, social media users especially Twitterati, have already found something that will keep them hooked in case we're all locked up in our houses in the form of a game called 'hello wordl'.

In the previously imposed lockdowns, we came up with multiple leisurely activities that soon became trends. Remember the days when each family member would gather around to play Ludo virtually? Or the time when each one of us went through scores of YouTube videos to learn how to make Dalgona coffee? The new rage on Twitter is a game called ‘hello wordl’. As per the website, hello wordl is a remake of the word game ‘Wordle’. However, there’s a twist! In the game, you get 6 tries to guess a target word. Every time you put a word, the game highlights alphabets in green and yellow. Green signifies that the alphabet is in the target word in the same position. Yellow signifies that the alphabet is in the target word but in a different position.

Developed by a Twitter user who goes by the name Lynn (username @chordbug), the game is increasingly gaining popularity on Twitter. Many are even admitting to getting ‘addicted’ to it.

Here's how Twitter is reacting to it!

With another potential lockdown on our hands, stay masked, stay safe, and get the wordl right! You can check out this game here.

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