From Doja’s Woman to people trying various filters on Instagram, take a look at this list of trends of the week.

Have you done social media right if you aren’t done with a song after hearing it for the 100th time but still thought of trying the trend out? With each passing day, we’re introduced to new challenges and trends that are just irresistible to not have us addicted to Reels. People go all in for these trends and end up giving us 10 different versions of the same or one top version. The only way to get over one trend is by hopping onto a new trend and our social media peeps have been making sure that our explore page has new trends for us to scroll through. This past week there have been various Reel audios that kept us engaged. We made a list of these trends of the week that you should try your hand at.

Trends of this week:

Finally My Boyfriend

Audio – Senza filtro (#FilterTrend)


Audio – Kindess (Tiguini)


Doja cat #Woman

Which is your favourite trend so far? Share your Reels with us if you have tried them @socialketchup

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