The long weekend is over and waking up this morning was an eye-opening experience. Here’s more of such dad jokes, and we are not sorry.

Are we still thinking about the long weekend that we waited for so long? Or are we still missing the chance to do something other than sitting at home binge-watching and sleeping all day? Yes, we totally are. And after a long weekend getting back to work is like the worst hangover we would not wish on even our enemies. But here we are, with no option but to do what we have to do to live this adult life. If there is anything that we need to just get along this week and forget about that mini-vacation is a good list of dad jokes.

Yep, you heard us. Dad jokes might not be the ideal comedy you will be looking for to pull through Monday 2.0 that is Tuesday, but it is definitely something that will help cure the sickness of missing the weekend. It is the best kind of joke when we least expect it. The no-brainer, dumb, and bullshit inntendos make these jokes top our lame list, but we cannot miss putting a smile on our face. On ‘National Tell A Joke’ day, we decided to list some of our favorite dad jokes.

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Check out this select list of dad jokes to take your mind off the long weekend:

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they’re so good at it

Did you know that’s a popular cemetery? Yep, people are just dying to get in there!

What did the evil chicken lay? Deviled eggs

Why don’t pirates take a bath before they walk the plank? They just wash up on shore.

Why couldn’t the bike stand up by itself? It was two ‘tired.’

What did one plate say to another plate? Tonight, dinner’s on me.

What is the most popular fish in the ocean? A starfish.

Why didn’t Han Solo enjoy his steak dinner? It was Chewie.

What do you call a dog that can do magic? A Labracadabrador.

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

We have a pun about the long weekend, but we missed it. Hope you have a great week ahead

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