Check out some interesting facts about Hey Ram as the movie completes 20 years!

Hey Ram, which released in 2000 was written, directed and produced by Kamal Haasan who was also the main lead. The movie is a period drama and is based on the background of the separation of Bengal and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. The lead character’s journey transforming his religious hatred into love forms the fabric of the film.

The movie’s theme fit the socio-political environment of the era and created quite the stir. The relevant subject, the story, the screenplay, and exceptional performances earned huge critical acclaim at home and internationally too. However, the movie although widely appreciated wasn’t received well by everyone considering the subject of the film. Several protests and objections were raised by political parties claiming that Mahatma Gandhi was shown in a negative light.

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As stated on Wikipedia, the film has garnered three National Film Awards and was also screened at the 25th Toronto International Film Festival and the 2000 Locarno Festival. The 2000 release left quite an impact on the audience, so much so that it was re-screened at Sathyam Cinemas in 2019!
Hey Ram was simultaneously made in Tamil and Hindi earned several nominations and awards post its release. It was an ambitious project and was made with a total budget of Rs. 9 Crores and made a total box-office collection of 11 Crores!

It’s never too late to watch a well-made film, is it? So, if you haven’t watched it yet, you can easily find it on Amazon Prime Video and several other streaming platforms.