We made a list of such hidden gems on Instagram that you should follow for your daily dose of entertainment.

Instagram has become our new hub. Sharing memes, using all the game filters, and going through reels is our new kind of pass-time between our work and school break. The best part that makes Instagram interesting is the number of creators who have gained popularity. Many became instantly famous and were appreciated for their work during the lockdown. Lockdown was like a boon to many creators. From making content that is hilariously relatable to once with extremely valuable tips and ideas, these creators have made our at-home experience a lot better. While many are popular, there are also many hidden gems on Instagram that need to be recognized.

These hidden gems may have a fewer following but they produce quality content. They try and deliver the best of their content and deserve all the love that we give to our favorite creators. It is creators like these who give original content meaning. As we all are at home, getting through the second wave of lockdown, we made a list of such hidden gems on Instagram that you should follow.

Check out these hidden gems:

Joel Joseph

Ananya Manoj



Akshaya Vaidyanathan

Prateek Chauhan

Sanna Kaur

Aiswarya Rashmi

Girija Phalke-Marathe


Viraj Desai

Shubhayan Bose

Mayur Saroj Rajput

Alina Ahmad

Darshini Pradeep


Devesh Mirchandani

Hiba H

Somya Srivastava

Invisible India

Parna Deshpande


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