These The Real Indian Dad videos on Instagram will remind you of your desi dad!

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The Real Indian Dad

Take a look at these funny videos by The Real Indian Dad that made us laugh hard and shout 'bloody' relatable.

Dads around the world are protecting and loving. But our Indian dads have their own way of showing how much their kids mean to them. It is hard for them to understand the life of their millennial and Gen Z kids living in the world of technology and trends, including Reels. Reels or short-video format is something that is growing among us. It makes kids do all kinds of challenges and trends which can be weird for our dads. Although we kids try our hand to teach them the ways to Instagram, they never seem to get it. And no amount of 'walked all the way to school' story can comprehend the struggle of teaching them that.

Sheena Melwani experiences just that and we can all get her. The singer from Boston suddenly became famous after her Interrupt videos with 'The Real Indian Dad' went viral. The videos of her hitting the notes of popular songs while a cranky voice makes comments on the lyrics reached many during the pandemic. TRID as he is called, shouting that "No, it's horrible to travel if the world was ending. What a dumb idea," while she sings "If the World Was Ending" by JP Saxe has Indian dad written all over it. He is an exact replica of our dads and we cannot stop laughing at his videos.

Check out these videos:

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