Indian content creator and dancer on Moj, Himanshu Shrivastav gets candid on creating content he loves and collaborating with his favorite actor.

Having dreams and pursuing them is what we all want in life. Many times we find new passions in life and leave the old ones behind. But there are some who continue to pursue what they love and live their dream. Moj creator, Himanshu Shrivastav aced a lot of odds in life only for him to do what he truly enjoys. He now dons a bunch of hats like being a choreographer, director, writer, and content creator. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, Himanshu has always been interested in dancing and acting. Himanshu left home after completing his 12th-grade education to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.

Himanshu had played a small role as an actor and a background dancer in a movie that later on inspired him to create something of his own. He wrote, directed, and starred in 4 of his own short films – A Silent Mystery, Dear Dance, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, and Apne Sapne which he also edited and released two years later. Even after hustling, he was still unable to obtain much-deserved recognition. Himanshu had to struggle a lot before he started creating content on Moj in October 2020. With 1.9 million Moj followers, Himanshu is making his dreams a reality and achieving success. Today, with all the dedication and hard work, Himanshu has opened his own dance studio in Mumbai.

Since 2020, Himanshu rose to new heights in his content creation journey. He had the opportunity to work with actors like Sonakshi Sinha, and Siddharth Chaturvedi, and also made an appearance in the song ‘Lara Sohneya Remix’. The highlight of Himanshu’s content creation journey has been his train journey with the Bachchhan Paandey cast starring Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, and Jacqueline Fernandez. He was able to spend an entire day with the cast and created exciting content with them. He recalled when he first moved to Mumbai, Akshay Kumar’s house was his first stop because he wanted to get a glimpse of him, and now sharing the stage with him is definitely a dream come true moment.

Himanshu talks to us about his experience!

What makes creating content on these apps different from any other platform? 

I create content across multiple platforms, but the variety of growth options offered by Moj is unparalleled. Opportunities are not confined to well-known creators; many aspiring creators have also received well-deserved attention. Moj has provided us with new channels to make our goals a reality, whether it’s a partnership with a celebrity, a new campaign, a talent quest, or a brand collaboration.

What does your regular social media consumption look like? What apps or platforms do you visit the most?

I’ve always wanted to showcase my talent in front of millions of people, therefore I spend the majority of my time on social media brainstorming creative and original content ideas. Receiving positive feedback from my viewers inspires me to create more engaging content. I believe I spend the majority of my time exploring Moj.

What excites you about content creation?

I feel while creating content, you don’t have to limit yourself and can explore your creativity to the fullest while sticking to your niche. As a creator, nothing excites me more than putting my time, effort, and creativity into creating something I am genuinely passionate about. 

Are there any other creators whose content you always look up to, and why?

I closely follow Awez Darbar’s content; he is my favourite content creator. He is a talented choreographer and an entertainer who understands what his audience enjoys and provides the appropriate amount of entertainment in each video. His work truly inspires me to improve my content. I definitely want to collaborate with him and create some fun content.

Can you tell us about the massive Moj campaign for Bachchhan Paandey that you were part of? 

Moj team and the film production house spent a substantial amount of time building this campaign, keeping in mind all the creators and I’m so grateful to them to have considered yet another fruitful collaboration. This campaign represents the culmination of my journey. As an artist, I was awestruck by the Bachchhan Paandey cast and made entertaining content with them. When I initially got to Mumbai, Akshay Kumar’s residence was my first destination because I wanted to catch a glimpse of him, and now I get to share the stage with him, which was a dream come true. The entire journey was a pleasurable and excellent learning experience. The entire Bachchhan Paanday ensemble was really humble, and I had a great time recording the innovative videos with them in a single take with them. Looking forward to many more such collaborations. 

What was the whole experience like? Was there something that surprised or left you amazed?

It was a memorable day for me because I got a chance to meet the celebrities I look up to and create videos with my favorite actor, Akshay Kumar. He is a passionate actor, and he came up with some creative ideas while recording the videos. 

Who were you excited to collaborate with when you found out about the opportunity?

Definitely, Akshay Kumar Sir! I am one of his biggest fans. 

Do you think dancing as an art has changed since the popularity of short-video apps like Moj?

Yes, I believe that dance has grown in prominence as a result of short video platforms like Moj. Previously, people lacked proper exposure, a platform, and opportunity, particularly those from small towns. They suffered since there was no outlet for them to express their talent, but now, thanks to short video apps, people all around the country are being recognized for their hard work and passion.

As an actor and choreographer, are there any future plans you’re looking forward to?

As an actor and choreographer, I have many plans, but first and foremost is to create content that my follower base of 1.9 million enjoy and find inspiring.  I plan to write scripts and poems and even produce short videos. Meanwhile, I’m about to open a dance studio in Mumbai, where I’ll be able to fulfil a long-held dream of mine: teaching people to dance.

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