These Holi skincare tips from your favourite bloggers are sure to help you protect your skin this festival of colours!

The festival of colours is right around the corner, and you know what else is right around the corner? Skin damage! Yes! We don’t realize how much damage the Holi colours can do to our skin. Not just that, you are surely out in the harsh sun for hours while playing Holi and that can only worsen your skin problems. Even if your skin is absolutely clear, you have to take measures before and after playing Holi in order to protect your skin. Lucky for you, we have blogger verified Holi skincare tips to protect yourself from the harsh chemicals in Holi colours.

Check out these Holi skincare tips from your favourite bloggers –


Unique Kittu

Wamika Beauty

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Brown Gentleman

Sapna Prabhat

Happy Pink Studio with Sreeja

Besides, these Holi skincare tips, also ensure your safety and be careful of Corona infection indicators. Have a happy and safe Holi!