HOTD episode 9 is like those dark clouds forming just before the storm hits the hay!

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HOTD episode 9

This series is standing at a really interesting point in HOTD episode 9 where only one thing can happen - WAR!

A death has sparked the wheel and the game of thrones into a fast-paced forward motion where the named true heir has been denied her birthright without her knowledge and the reluctant incapable young male has been dragged and made to wear the crown. Confusion in the name paved the way for the power of politics to deal with a solid hand that will end up dividing the realm. Targaryens vs Hightowers and the red vs the green has ensued in HOTD episode 9. (spoilers ahead)

After the death of the peaceful King Viserys I, the inside of Kings Landing is riddled with whispers and conniving strategies. As Queen Alicent announces the last wish of the king for Aegon to be king (which she clearly misunderstood), Otto Hightower is quick enough to make his moves along with the other houses present at the table of the council. And as for those who oppose apparently die courtesy of Ser Criston. Though it's interesting that while the adults are all busy putting up a crown on the head of Prince Aegon he seems to be missing altogether. As different search parties are sent out to find him and get him out of his hiding, the Hightower daughter and father seem to be at two ends. While Prince Aegon gets coronated it's Princess Rhaenys who steals the show.

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The episode has quite a dark tonality throughout, the only light shining is in the end when Rhaenys comes out on the dragon. It's as if the tyranny of the Seven and their conniving plans are being reflected. Though Viserys' death has brought down the peace and warmth of Kings Landing, it feels like the dark clouds of death are shining over. And it's not just that the major division is created between the reds and the greens, even the greens are divided amongst themselves, headed by Alicent and Otto.

Though Otto's wish to have his own on the Iron Throne seems quite visible, so do his actions. But Alicent's innocent confusion is irritating at best because at the end of the day she does want to put her incapable son on the throne knowing very well that he's definitely not up to the task. Ser Criston is negligent for the most part which is weird because as far as GoT is concerned, you fall in love with the meanest of characters as well.

The entire tyranny does remind you of the cruel Seven of GoT. But the one who's got us talking is the 'queen who never was' aka Princess Rhaenys. She's been the practical truth bomber ever since she warned Rhaenyra earlier and now her interaction with Alicent about painting her as the woman behind men, never imagining herself on the Iron Throne is just eclectic. She comes out on the dragon like a badass and voices her disapproval over everything that is happening in Kings Landing. Prince Aemond seems to be the best of the lot, he's just as smart and conniving among the Hightowers. Princess Rahenyra and Prince Daemon were definitely missed in this episode!

The game of the reds vs the greens has been set afoot with the coronation of Prince Aegon. Daemon and Rhaenyra are not going to sit silently, and the war is inevitable. But the Hightowers as "so-called" villains are not able to produce the same charm as the Lannisters used to do, with the exception of Aemond. Our Diwali is surely going to be banging as the last and final episode drops exactly on Diwali.

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