House of the Dragon episode 4 is full of sex being a bed of politics

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House of the Dragon episode 4

In House of the Dragon episode 4, Prince Daemon returns after the big battle while King Viserys I is busy solving political headaches and Princess Rhaenyra is being sold off to the highest bidder.

If you think watching the marriage proposal of a 50-year-old something king to a 10-year-old something child was the only astonishing incestual absurdity that you were going to witness in HotD then mind you episode 4 has leveled up even more! House of the Dragon episode 4 finally takes its predecessor GoT's course in bringing to you another incestual courtship to remember other than Cersei and Jamie or Jon and Daenerys, and that is Daemon and Rhaenyra. Though this one is purely based on a bed of politics rather than mere attraction towards each other, sex has always been a bed of politics in the realm of GoT. (spoilers alert!)

Princess Rhaenyra has been of age for a long time now considering Taragaryen's marital age. And as suitors have lined up for asking her hand in marriage, fortunately, Rhaenyra has been given an option to select a groom of her choice courtesy of her friend cum queen Alicent Hightower. But the choice is between an old man and a child where our princess still is beaten down by this patriarchal society. Rogue Prince Daemon has returned to Kings Landing after his win at the sea snake battle even though Lord Corlys hasn't. The ruckus is created when a vile accusation is made that Rhaenyra is seen with Daemon at the pleasure house in the night which turns out to be true only that Rhaneyra actually ends up sleeping up with the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Criston Cole.

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It's really interesting to see how the show has slowly in four episodes found its own ground and not left the realm of GoT as well. Prince Daemon has already become a favorite among many and his entrance in this episode is sure a thrilling experience. Watching Matt Smith perfectly nail the complicated rogue prince has to be the highlight of any episode but here's a smooth yet conniving interaction with Rhaenyra that takes you away. Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra is a scene stealer and her being mesmerized about being outside of the palace and being recognized as a boy is encapsulating.

It's rather interesting to denote that a young woman who has grown so tired of being entangled in the mess of patriarchal politics that she wishes to be born as a boy or even be recognized as one doesn't seem so far off. Yes, it's true that her going to the pleasure house shouldn't be questioned when it's not questioned for a man her age but acting exactly like a man when she's a woman makes her look rather weak. This and her dubious lie to her own father make me scared about the fact that she might just become the byproduct of the same system she is fighting against.

But Daemon giving a marriage proposal for Rhaenyra completely had me, not that I was surprised but I was astonished about how much this throne is beloved to people that they forget the closest of relationships. Sex becomes the bed of politics as even Queen Alicent has to reluctantly go to the King at night to satisfy him and Princess Rahenyra resumed being intimate with Ser Criston. In HotD, marriage is a political game leaving freedom just for the men and binding women inside the palace to the childbed but when it's a game of thrones then no matter if it's the Hosue of the Dragon, each one from a King's brother, his daughter, his hand or anybody else is simply just fighting for themselves!

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