Whether it’s educational or aesthetically pleasing posts, Kompal Matta Kapoor always nails it when it comes to making amazing content. Let’s take a look at some of her looks that make us hit the like button!

In the last few years, fashion has relatively become much more accessible and some credit can go to people who talk about it. Being one of the most popular Indian fashion bloggers, Kompal Matta Kapoor never fails to grab our attention through her content. From high end luxury purchases to local street-market finds, her wardrobe is a mix of everything but there is much more to Kompal than that. Making a global name for yourself for something you are passionate about surely has hard work as its main ingredient and going by Kompal’s journey, we know this to be true.

She started with studying fashion in Delhi while she was a student, she then worked with a number of designers and brands at that time which helped her in polishing her skills and understanding fashion. Fashion became one of the many things that inspired her. Soon, she started her own blog which talked about her personal style and understanding of fashion. Her side hustle soon started to get popular and she ultimately made an identity for herself in the industry. She has walked for big fashion events but we also like how she brings couture on your feeds with her amazing content.

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Here are some of her looks that make us want to ask for more:

Happy Birthday Kompal! Thanks for making fashion more fun.