Huesera: The Bone Woman is a perfect blend of terror, gore and erotica

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Huesera: The Bone Woman is a perfect blend of terror, gore and erotica

Watching Huesera: The Bone Woman was truly a cinematic experience thanks to its seemingly haunting maternal story.

Ever since I watched Huesera: The Bone Woman by Michelle Garza Cervera at the Wench Film Festival, I haven't been able to see people through my window without thinking that they are going to jump off and haunt me for life. A story about Valeria (Natalia Solián), a furniture maker turned housewife who is now pregnant, this movie shows the dark side of a mother. Cervera touching upon this in her very first feature film shows that times are changing in the world of cinema. This movie will terrify you in more ways than you can imagine but the whole artistic aspect is what will keep you hooked.


The film starts with Valeria and her mother going to a holy place to bless her womb which ironically haunts her for the next 90 mins of the movie. Her prayers are soon answered, and Valeria and her husband Raúl (Alfonso Dosal) begin a long stretch of medical appointments and renovating their home as they anticipate the baby’s arrival. This is when things go south in Valeria's head and she starts hallucinating, at least that's what she thought. On one such day, at midnight, she steps out for a smoke in the balcony and that's when she sees a woman in the house across the street with no facial features. This woman jumps off from the window and starts breaking her own body on the road and at this point, I was sitting there and thinking "Just get your ass inside, Valeria!". Valeria freaks out and calls her husband but just like every other horror film, when she looks back, there's nobody on the road. Thinking that this is a figment of her imagination, she isn't very traumatised at this point, but she's tormented for sure.

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After multiple encounters with the bone woman and thousands of artistic nude shots, she finally realises that there's something wrong and she needs to act upon it asap. This is when the coolest aunt I've ever seen comes into the picture. Isabel (Mercedes Hernández) who previously worked with dark magic tries to help her by taking her agony away which might have given Valeria more trauma than she already had. While visiting her aunt, she also reconnects with a friend who was once her lover and that awakens the memories of their relationship back when they were in their teens. Their story didn't seem relevant to the movie but who doesn't love a good lesbian separation story, right? This sex scene was pretty yet sensual unlike most films where they're not handled so tastefully. From the background music while they make love to the artistic approach and the passion in their eyes, everything was just lined up to perfection. Also the the fact that the entire sex scene was shot from the female gaze is commendable.

Watching Huesera: The Bone Woman was truly a cinematic experience with the hint of a seemingly haunting maternal story. Natalia Solián and Sonia Couoh's performance complimented each other throughout the movie. It was like Valeria was always meant to be haunted by The Bone Woman and no other demoness would have done it better. A true Dark Coper must watch this film for a soul-stirring experience!

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