Seven scariest female characters in horror movies that made sure we were traumatized for life!

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Seven scariest female characters in horror movies that made sure we were traumatized for life!

Be it with their ability to scare us with just a gaze or with their amazing breaking out scenes, these female characters in horror movies delivered!

Some characters in cinematic universe give us the literal definition of perfection when it comes to portraying a specific type of character. While some do that, others just leave us traumatized for life. Portrayal of female characters in mainstream horror movies have quite evolved. They are not just the bait or a character who can be always be possessed by a demon. They are the demon and ready to show how a woman single handedly can run a movie. That is why female characters specifically have been owning the horror genre for ages now and we're quite not sure what makes them so good to make us feel exactly what they want us to feel but every time we watch them on-screen it's a bliss full of emotions.

One thing about these women is they don't know how to give a single fly about a man or just simply not to kill them. Watching them go through the most painful existential crisis have to be the highlight of any horror movie. The whole Jennifer eating out boys moment in Jennifer's body literally traumatized me as a child. Now whenever I see Megan Fox even if it's her in a random interview I still see the urge in her eyes to just kill someone. On the occasion of Women's day, we're honoring these badass petrifying women from horror genre that successfully traumatized us.

Disclaimer: Some of these movies include serious graphic scenes and gore.

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Check out these fierce but scary women!

Annie Graham (Hereditary)


A person who works as a miniature designer for an art gallery doesn't sound that scary right? Annie is probably the most psychotic character in the history of horror films. You can feel the terror in her kids' eyes and the constant goosebumps while you watch her yelling. The best part of this film is that there are no jump scares which makes it even more scarier.

Esther (Orphan)


Esther might be the sole reason why some of us have pedophobia. Being the main character and also the antagonist of the movie, the actress really pulled off this character in the most sadistic way possible. She kills, terrifies other people and smirks right after she kills someone. If that isn't scary to you I don't know what is!

Dani (Midsommar)


This movie is gonna mess up your head since it falls more under psychological than horror genre. Watching Dani going through depression and constant panic attacks was something I didn't sign up for. The aspects of different mental issues have portrayed so well that this movie can be triggering to some viewers.

Jennifer Check (Jennifer's body)


A main antagonist who likes boys so much that she likes to eat them. The graphics, the gore and just the way they portray cannibalism in the most scariest way is what makes this movie worth the watch. As there is so much gore content within the movie it might be disturbing for some viewers.

Nurse Ratched (Ratched)


People say medical experts are like god but what if the nurse you trust the most becomes the most dangerous psychopath in the history of psychopaths? Sarah Paulson really came through with this character. You know the actor is good when they make you feel like some type of way.

Sue Ann (Ma)


Sue is very unstable and traumatized individual and has the fear of someone leaving her. This fear reaches to the extent where she locks her daughter behind wooden cages whenever she leaves her home and keeps her in a wheelchair. Maybe the makers of the film wanted MA to stand for maniac.

Edna (Relic)


Is it just me or does old people in general gives off creepy vibes? Edna portrayed a creepy/spooky old woman and honestly she was so good in the movie that it didn't feel like acting at all. Edna's character centers around the idea of her diminishing mental state, which causes her to become problematic towards her loved ones.

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