Twitterati leave Elmo questioning life with their replies on one of his tweets

Smrithi Mohan
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All Elmo wanted was to check up on his people, and boy was he and everyone on the internet surprised by the response! Check out some Twitter reactions that are depressingly funny.

All Elmo wanted was to be kind to the people, but the internet had another plan. They took the chance to open up to their favorite childhood friend a little too seriously. The popular character from Sesame Street, who is known for his kindness and often seen preaching the same, decided to check up on his online friends. With a simpleElmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing? he wished people would open up. However, things went downhill when Twitteratis or people on X decided to be VERY real with Elmo. 

Twitter or X is always described as a place where people can be their funniest selves or completely depressed without anyone judging them for it. But when a childhood character like Elmo wanted to indulge in a conversation, they did not hold back or mask their feelings. Instead, it became a place for them to trauma dump and discuss their existential crisis. Someone also went to the extent of asking Elmo’s opinion on late-term abortion, which seems like a deep conversation that he was, obviously not prepared to get into. Then again, what was Elmo expecting from people on a Monday during January that just doesn't seem to end? 

While people continue to share their sad selves, others just can’t help but feel bad that people left their beloved Elmo all traumatized. Despite how bad the world is right now, nobody deserves to be at the end of such fire. Especially Elmo!

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Maybe poor Elmo should have woken up and chosen silence considering how real these reactions were!

We just hope that Elmo and his social media manager are doing well after reading all the replies!

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